Are you among the busiest people you know?

If so, it’s not because you have more hours in a week than anyone else.  You probably don’t think you are gifted, either.

Instead, what makes you busy is an extraordinary commitment to results. But it not only keeps you pre-occupied, it forces you to be creative. You are always looking for the next problem to solve so you can achieve your goals. Altogether, these traits have a unique effect: you launch more projects which, in turn, add more tasks to your lists than most people dare.

While you aren’t alone in having a ton of work to complete at any moment in time, you do appear a bit odd to other folks. From their point of view, it’s hard to understand why you insist on pushing the envelope.

Maybe you can’t really explain it either.

But you know enough to reject some of the superficial answers to this challenge floating around. For example, the person who tells you to “simply cut back your to-do list” doesn’t understand. Such simplistic thinking would only give you sleepless nights. Fact is, you need a more nuanced approach.

Welcome to 2Time Labs. All we do is focus on the top 1% of busy people and the peculiar needs they have. We define them as people who have over one hundred tasks to complete at any given time, or less than nine hours per week of free time. As you may imagine, they are highly motivated.

This lab was set up to help this group of highly-committed people find insight-based solutions. As you know, they aren’t floating around in everyday conversation. Instead, we tease them out of academic research in a number of fields ranging from psychology to engineering.

We model the approach after the one learned AT&T Bell Labs, where I (Francis) spent the early part of my career. Nobel Prize winners and ordinary engineers like me walked the halls together, fueled by curiosity and the needs of a profitable business.

It was an exciting place. When the two approaches worked well together, the results were life-changing.

So is the work we do.

For a summary of our mission, check our About page and see for yourself if the five Pillars we have assembled add a new dimension of thinking to the productivity of the busiest people.

And, if any of this appeals to you, then welcome. You may have found a home… a place to find answers that fit your innate way of being from other people who are just like you. Far from seeing it as a fault to be fixed, we see it as a strength to be celebrated and strengthened.

Why not click on this link as a first step: Start Here.