While the amount and quality of academic research in time-based productivity leaves much to be desired, we use as much of it as we can to advance our thinking here at 2Time Labs. In the absence of journals, conferences and academic departments, I also do my own research from time to time, (often in conjunction with others) but my goal as a translational researcher is to help bridge the gap between the data that does exist in the public domain, and users who want to make real improvement.

There are too many time management and productivity books which are little more than exhortations from the author to “copy me,” providing no links to any empirical data.

To help bridge these gaps, this website has evolved to become one of the few (and therefore one of the best) resources for those who are interested in asking deeper questions in the area of time-based productivity. Almost all the resources we have made available to fellow researchers have no cost attached.

Content for Authors

Time Writers

Do you create fresh content in the area of time-based productivity for a blog, podcast, book, ezine, video, infographic, social media or any other channel? If you’d like a source of fresh ideas from a number of breakthrough thinkers in several fields, click on this link and tap into the hundreds of research papers I have read, and the ideas they contain. Click here for more information on how to join our small community.


LibraryOver the years I have assembled a list of over 100 academic papers on this topic that I believe is unique. The library online is a simple list of cover pages and/or abstracts that you can use to find the best time management research that I have read and can heartily recommend. Click on the link and start browsing. I am always adding to it and you can help by making recommendations or even better, send along your own papers and write a synopsis for the blog. Check out A Free Index of the Best Academic Papers on Time Management.

The InnerLab – Going Behind the Scenes

InnerLab from Framework Consulting  Every six months, 2Time Labs takes applications for its InnerLab, a group of no more than ten time management fans /groupies. From January to June, or July to December, we explore difficult or challenging questions in time management with a view to delving into deeper issues, finding the latest research and resolving tough dilemmas. If you are interested in joining, visit the information page.

Discussion for Academic Researchers

Research in Time Management on LinkedinTo mark the occasion of the launch of my book, Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure,  we opened up a new discussion forum on Linkedin for Academics, Researchers and Innovators. It might be the best place to discover, discuss and share the progress that’s being made in time management research. Click here to join this new group.

Underlying Assumptions

Prezi on Time Management 2.0 AssumptionsWe have started to put together a graphical representation of the assumptions that are behind the Bill Book and the work we do here at 2Time Labs. Warning: this is a work in progress! If you’d like to work with me to enhance it, be prepared. The research done to write Bill’s im-Perfect Time Management Adventure comes from adjacent fields of study, so you will need to be willing to delve into some pretty obscure corners that are invisible to experts in other disciplines. Here are the underlying assumptions and hypotheses behind Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.


ASTD Speaker 2013I had the pleasure of speaking at the American Society of Training and Development’s International Conference and Exposition (ASTD-ICE) in 2013, presenting How to Stop Failing at Behavior Change Training: The Case of Time Management.

Custom Research/$

I am available to conduct custom research that builds on the ideas we explore here at 2Time Labs. Contact me, and let’s start a discussion.

 Developers of Time Management Apps

time developersComing soon – an exclusive community for developers of time management apps, programs, software, hardware – using the principles we use here at 2Time Labs and many others. For early and immediate signup before this group launches, click on this link.