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8 fata assumptions that time advisers make

A Time Adviser is a coach, consultant, trainer or professional organizer who is in the profession of helping other people improve their time management and productivity skills. Over at the website I have been focusing on helping them use the latest research to have a bigger impact with their clients.

To that end, I recently partnered with Janice Russell to produce a new Special Report entitled: The 8 Fatal Assumptions that Time Advisers Make. It’s available for immediate download at the website, and also on Scribd.

If you are a Time Adviser, when you download the Report from our website you’ll be placed on our mailing list which will immediately start sending updates on the work we’re doing. plus you’ll be introduced to our other resources developed to date, and provide some information on the progress we’re making towards creating a formal certification process for Time Advisers.

How Do You Deal With a Project Whose Members Are Weak at Time Management?

Francis_Wade at PMIIt’s a tough question – how do you cope when you are assigned a team with time management skills that appear to be suspect?

They represent a risk to the success of the project and before you delegate a single task, you want to have an idea of the amount of work that each individual can handle.

In this paper and speech, presented at the Project Management Institute of the Southern Caribbean Chapter, I addressed this question using recent research from Brigitt Claessens. On this page with the materials from the conference, I share the audio, slides and research paper I presented.

It was a great experience presenting to an audience that takes the topic of time management so very seriously.

If you are interested in discussing the topic further, simply visit the forums at my book’s website: simply visit the newly created forums focused on Project Managment at my book’s website.