Ep 34 – Initial Capture of Tasks – Why is Capacity a Problem? – Brad Aeon

You are someone who is well acquainted with the skill of capturing. In other words, you know that it’s important to write everything down that’s important. You know better than to keep it all in your head – that’s a basic productivity lesson.

But lately, you have noticed that the number of things you need to write own, or capture, has exploded. It seems like just the other day when a post-it note was enough. Now, you are writing everything down in something like a notebook and you feel as if you still can’t catch up.

What’s wrong? What else should you be doing?

Tune into this episode to hear from me and my special guest, Brad Aeon, as we solve this wicked task management problem together.

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Show Notes Ep 34

Dr. Brad Aeon is a time management researcher who specializes in the dynamics of time, combining sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, and philosophy. His expertise extends beyond academia, with a TED Talk and features in major media like BBC News and The Guardian. Brad actively collaborates with various organizations, offering tailored time management and productivity training. He also founded a startup providing evidence-based training to enhance team productivity, well-being, and work-life balance.

Brad Aeon, PhD | LinkedIn

Francis Wade is the host of the Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit and the author of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Connect with him on Linkedin or send a message here. www.replytofrancis.info

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