Ep 11 – How to Interrupt Yourself Skillfully

You are someone who loves to focus on what is important in the moment. In fact, there may be few things more cherished than being in the Flow state, getting your best work done. When it’s happening, time flies by and sometimes you feel euphoric.

But too much of a good thing is never good, and if you have ever missed a mid-day meal because you were engrossed in your work you may know that you sometimes need a reminder, or interruption, at just the right moment. They keep you on track, and prevent you from making mistakes.

But how do you program them into your life? In this solo episode, I’ll be sharing my thinking about this problem and what needs to be invented for us to get some permanent relief.

Perfect Time-Based Productivity

MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment – https://mytimedesign-1-plus.thinkific.com/courses/mytimedesign-assessment

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How to Organize Your Notifications to Accomplish the Perfectly Notified Self – https://medium.com/2time-labs/introducing-the-notified-self-e2ed1390feb2

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