Hi, I’m Francis Wade. Thanks for coming to learn more about 2Time Labs. (Visit the Start Here page if you are new.)

I’m the author of Perfect Time-Based Productivity – How to protect your peace of mind as time demands increase.

While the book was written for people at all levels, the five key pillars which set it apart were only discovered when I focused my attention on the Ultra-Busy professional. Using personal role models, college students, executives and my own life as an entrepreneur/triathlete I tackled the challenge from top-down.

As an Ultra-Busy, I discovered by trial and error that I had different needs which flew in the face of the advice given to the average person. Thinking there was something wrong with me, I struggled to use popular techniques and blamed myself when they didn’t work.

Hopefully, you won’t have to go through that experience. In fact, that’s the mission of this organization, 2Time Labs – part of Framework Consulting Inc., a Florida company I own.

2Time Labs’ Mission

To make time management improvements forever easy for ultra-busy people everywhere.

The labs are located in the hills above Kingston, Jamaica, where I reside with my wife Dale. Together we run the company along with part-time colleagues, volunteers and other collaborators from around the world. (The Caribbean isn’t known for its excellence in productivity!)

If you’d like to learn about my trip from Jamaica, to Cornell University, via Bell Labs in New Jersey, back to Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago after a stop in Florida, click here to read my detailed biography.

You’ll find that as an Operations Researcher who taught the subject at the Masters level, I am a great believer in sharing the sources of good ideas. The back of my book has over 200 references which anyone can access. In fact, we have an online library of hundreds of academic papers we use in our work, ranging from psychology, philosophy, industrial engineering, and management.

We have used them all.

Together, they paint a picture: behavior change happens slowly and isn’t a matter of applying a magical tip, trick or shortcut. However, it can be dramatically accelerated by applying the ETaPS method we created.

While all learners benefit from using this approach, we especially find it useful for the Ultra-Busy – the one-percent. For them, any other improvement approach is costly because it doesn’t start with a quality diagnosis: the starting point for improving all complex systems. In other words, an accurate self-evaluation helps you pinpoint your next improvement.

It’s the best place to start your journey.

Next Steps

We offer a number of methods to do in-depth self-evaluations.

Read my book – available here on Amazon.com or on its website on Audio, Spanish, Portuguese and French

Take my online training – MyTimeDesign Plus
Attend a live program in the Caribbean – NewHabits Foundations

If you’d like to learn more about our work, read the blog, or visit us on Facebook, or on LinkedIn.

To reach me, use my contact page: www.ReplytoFrancis.info or Twitter: @2timelabs or @fwade. I am available for public speaking events, and also for limited private coaching assignments.

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Enjoy your visit to 2Time Labs and I hope you use these resources to fit your needs.


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