All About Time Demands and Other Guest Posts

The blog tour to promote my new book continues with a post I did for Sharon Lowenheim’s blog entitled “All About Time Demands.” It’s the first time that I have taken this concept out to the general public (other than in The Bill Book) and it was challenging to write, but more than a bit satisfying.

Here are some of the other blogs that have been posted:

Stepcase Lifehack is running a series of 7 posts that I have written on the New Lifehacking. THis is #2 and the topic is “Understanding Your Own System” based on the idea that the best improvements don’t come from one-size-fits-all systems, but from a deeper understanding of your own habits. How to Understand Your Current Time Management System.

On the Alpha Efficiency blog, I came out in support of a post written by Bojan Djordjevic who has decided to switch to his own time management system after using GTD, a popular commercial system. He did it in such a Time Management 2.0 that I felt I had to comment…  Another Angle on the “Why I decided to switch from GTD” blog post.

Productive – on Timo Kiander’s blog I looked at the difference between being a good follower of another person’s system, versus taking ownership of YOUR system: How to Take Ownership of Your Time Management System.

I also did an interview with Janice Russell for her blog on the various misadventures that take place in time management. Her blog is called Minding Your Matters and she’s someone I hope to do some more work with especially in the area of working with Time Advisers. How to Stop Misadventures in Time Management.

Last thing… if you are a time adviser of any kind (coach, consultant, trainer or professional organizer) here’s a post I wrote at the ICF site on why baby steps are so important in time management.

Taking The Bill Book on a Blog Tour

Luggage_-_Suitcases_1I have just kicked off a virtual blog tour for Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure with two interviews from fans of the book, and a mention in the press.

SOS Blog

Andrea Sharb’s blog is written from her point of view as a professional organizer who specializes in corporate clients, some of whom have ADHD. She interviewed me about the reason why the book is so different from the other time management and productivity books that have been published up until this point.

Tara Rodden Robinson’s Blog

Tara’s blog focuses on productivity and improvement in general, and she has quite a loyal following who tune in to listen to her Virtual Study Group. He interview focused on the reasons why we need to focus on developing skills to customize our own approach.

Observer Column – Your Money

Cherryl Hanson-Simpson attended one of our live training sessions and made some immediate changes to her practices. She used Amazon Prime to get a free copy of the book – a great advantage for those who belong to the program. In her column, she shared some of the immediate changes she’s making to her time management system.

To see further reviews, interviews, podcasts and the link related to the blog tour, join us on  the book’s website at

An Uncanny Resemblance

A new set of videos showed up in my feed today entitled “How to Be More Productive.”  They are sponsored by

What’s remarkable is that their videos have an uncanny reemblance to the 20 videos that we put together here at 2Time Labs: the Top 10 FAQ’s and SAQ’s About Time Management.

Take a look at this video from their site which talks about the fundamentals: Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Storing, Acting Now, Scheduling and Listing.

Coincidence, perhaps? I signed up for their mailing list and sent an email, but I’m not too optimistic about getting a response.

I imagined that this would happen at some point, and as I expected, I’m feeling a bit flattered!


New Columns in the Jamaican Newspaper

I recently inked a contract to be a regular columnist in the most prestigious newspaper here in Jamaica: the Gleaner.

I have been an unpaid contributor for some time, but that’s changed, meaning that I am on their staff of writers.  My column focuses on individual and corporate productivity, in line with another column that I write for the Trinidad Newsday.

Here are links to my most recent articles.

Why We Aren’t Doing Enough About Jamaica’s Productivity


Habits… Not a Bag a ‘Mout.’


2Time Labs is on Alltop

I’m happy to say that the 2Time Labs website is now featuring on the Alltop website.

If you have never visited the Alltop page, take a moment to click this link and you’ll see where 2Time Labs is listed as one of their most influential blogs.  It’s a great honor — thanks to the folks at Alltops for selecting us.

Facebook Page

facebook.jpgI’ve just set up a new home for anyone interested in Time Management 2.0 and the challenge of creating custom time management systems.

You can now access our page “Time Management 2.0” directly with the following web address, so please bookmark

On our Facebook page, you can find the beginnings of a community that includes a discussion area plus a feed from the 2Time blog.

I look forward to seeing you there!

30 Days of MyTimeDesign for $1.00

The signs of the recession are everywhere, and there are many people who are without jobs and are looking for ways to cope.  After some thought, I think I have found a way to make it easier for anyone who comes to this blog to get their hands on great value, for only $1.00.

Starting next week, I am going to offer the first 30 days of MyTimeDesign to the public for only a buck.

What will a participant who registers receive?

I have found that the majority of people who take either my 12-week online program – MyTimeDesign  – or my 2 day  live program – NewHabits-NewGoals – get the most value from the first few topics that are covered.

While this isn’t true for all who have taken the course by any means, the first few concepts and practices that are learned are enough to change anyone’s time management system for a lifetime. During the first thirty days, participants come to grips with the fact that they have already designed and are using some kind of system, usually ad hoc, and are now entering the realm of consciously carving out a system they want.

They also cover practices such as Capturing, Tossing and Storing, which are some of the conerstones of all time management systems, and they fine-tune their own system to their own precise needs.

While MyTimeDesign is a 12 week program, the first 30 days are perhaps the most important to most users.

And, there are some who will not stop after 30 days, and will instead choose to complete the entire program.  The truth is, it depends on their particular needs.

So, stay tuned — for those who have been waiting for the right time to do MyTimeDesign, this just might be it!

Writing a Time Management 2.0 Book

2009 seems to be the right year for me to take the 2Time principles out into the larger world, in the form of a book.

I have two ideas in mind for the book. The first is in the form of a how-to, written as an abstract set of concepts with lots of examples.  The other idea is to write the book as a fable, in which a single person meets up on some kind of guru who teaches him/her how to use the principles in order to bring more peace of mind to his/her life.

As I am writing this I can see a third option, in which the first book is in the form of a fable, and takes a user though Principles 1-7, and the second is an abstract book that takes them through Principles 8-11.

If you have an opinion on which way I should go, please let me know, and be my partner through this process that will hopefully produce a publishable product by early 2010.  I’d love to see an example of a book that I could follow that others have found useful.

Manifesto Released!



The manifesto I was asked to write for was published yesterday.

To receive a copy of this 12 page pdf, click here or visit the following URL at the website:

As I mentioned in a prior post, the website is a place for new ideas that are selected by readers via an open vote. Based on the results of the October vote, this was the most requested manifesto.

Enjoy, and I look forward to your comments.

It’s a very handy introduction to some of the ideas on the 2Time Mgt blog, and a good one to share with friends or to read for someone who is new to these ideas.