Who is the main character, Bill, in my book?

I thought long and hard about the main character in my book especially after learning what writing a novel really and truly involved. Bill became a composite character that seemed to fit the role. So far, the feedback around him has been positive…

Click here to see the prior post in this series on YouTube, on why I decided to write a time management business fable or parable, rather than a regular “how-to” book.

The Obstacles in My Book

In my book, I threw a number of obstacles in the way of the protagonist, Bill. They were all realistic, and reflect the work I have done with clients over the years.

Many contemporary problems are made worse by abuses of technology – as you’ll see from reading the book.

My prior post describes the character of Bill, the start of the “story.” His discoveries in time management are the main driver of the book – for more about him, click here for a Youtube video.

Why did I choose to write a story or fable instead of a manifesto?

As you probably know, my book “Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure” is not written as an abstract set of ideas, but as a story, or parable. If you have been around 2Time Labs for a while you’ll know that this is a pretty significant departure from the norm for me.

The truth is that I thought it would be a novel way to introduce some new ideas about time management in an effortless, easy way for the reader. It was very challenging for me to complete, but I hope that it hit the mark!