Framework Consulting (the parent of 2Time Labs) works with two kinds of organizations in the time-based productivity space: designers of time-based productivity solutions and companies that want to increase employee productivity.

Designers and Developers of Apps, Devices and Aids

My clients in this space tend to be the visionaries. They are looking over the horizon to what others cannot see and are designing products that meet future needs that may not be emerging immediately.

I help them see that future more clearly by illuminating powerful trends that building momentum in time-based productivity. I also help them see where their current offerings may be limited in their appeal, and why. More specifically, I find myself focusing my attention on task management apps, time tracking software, task stopwatches and notification products and services.

For the pubic community of designers, I offer the following resources:

  1. A private mailing list where I share the latest content, offer webinars and schedule complimentary product reviews.
  2. A Google plus community for all developers in which I share content from all sources.
  3. A number of articles to assist designers in this space do their jobs with greater impact. These include the following:

If your startup or company is interested in exploring ways I could be helpful, contact me here –

Employee Productivity

We have conducted a number of corporate interventions intended to introduce new habits, practices and rituals to employees. They rely heavily on the ideas in Perfect Time-Based Productivity and the more recent insights shared on this website.

Or goal is to empower change agents – the professionals who are most passionate about the change they want to see. We craft custom combinations of classroom training, e-learning, coaching and consulting to help the company achieve the level of transformation desired.

To hear an interview describing the work we do in corporations, listen in here: Conquering Corporate Time Demands

For more information on the work we do in corporations, contact me here.