The First Drafts of the 11 Fundamentals

11 fundamentalsBack in 2006, when I first started writing publicly about time management, I quickly drafted a description of the 11 fundamental practices to be found in every professional’s time management system. Although I no longer use these particular charts (after numerous revisions) they provide a useful summary which can still be used to locate your skill in each fundamental. (N.B. In my book “Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure” they are referred to as “Ladders.”)

When you are done, make sure to visit the summary of Time Management 2.0 principles. Together, they make for a useful introduction to the principles we use here at 2Time Labs.

Update June 1, 2014: My book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity – A unique way to protect your peace of mind as time demands increase,  includes a detailed description of more recent cheat sheets I use to help clients do their own evaluations. If you are a time adviser with a desire to use these materials for work with clients, you may do so understanding that they are governed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License.

Update June 2, 2017: The most up to date sheets since the publication of my book are delivered in two programs: NewHabits Foundations and MyTimeDesign Plus+. The next version of my book will contain the latest version up to that point in time, but they undergo change at a rate of about one per month. Plus,   I recently developed first-time cheat sheets for a skill you may recognize: Flowing.




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