Here are some basic facts on how 2Time’s affiliate program works.

  • 50% recurrent income — you get paid once, and then every time the person pays to renew MyTimeDesign
  • you place an advertisement of your choosing at your website, whether it’s a banner ad, a blog post, a mention in your newsletter — whatever you decide will cause someone who is interested to click, and then place an order
  • we provide you with some sample text, ad graphics, and tips to help make your campaign a successful one
  • we are selective about who we work with as affiliates, and are on the lookout for websites that are complimentary to ours in some way, and will attract its own readership

If you are interested in being an affiliate of the 2Time Management products, the process to follow is actually a very simple one.

Step 1 –  send me your contact information and your website URL, or any information that you think I’ll need to make an informed decision.  Use  Please note that we use PayPal to make payments directly into your bank account, and we’ll also need your Tax ID or Social Security number if you located in the US..

Step 2 – When you hear back from me,  I’ll give you information on how to sign up as an affiliate in our database

Step 3 – In our database, you’ll get banners and links to download. Install them on your website, newsletter, etc. in a place that receives high traffic

You can go a step further and promote MyTimeDesign in the following ways.

1.  do an interview with me via text or podcast

2.  do ezine article or a post on your blog.  Here is an actual article that you could use:

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Join the Time Management Revolution!

“Unique. ”

That word could probably be used to define your working style, habit patterns, commitments and obligations at home and at work, expectations that others have of you, level of administrative support, peak moments of energy in the day plus the need your body has for rest, nutrition and stimulation.

If no-one else is like you, why would you want anything other than a time management system that is developed for you?

The productivity gurus each have their point of view, and at the end they same thing — “follow my example.”

Join in the revolutionary idea that says that we should develop our own time management systems to fit our unique lifestyles, borrowing from some of the best ideas in the world, wherever they might come from.

If you buy that idea, then all the average professional needs is some help in learning how to develop their own system with a minimum of fuss, while making sure that it follows some tried and true design principles.

Once that’s done, it’s easy to maintain, upgrade and tweak your system whenever you want, as the babies come, promotions are accepted and huge projects are tackled.

You’ll be in charge of a system that you created for yourself and becoming the master of a critical area of your life.

Help spread the word — it’s time for us to take control!

To get more information about the MyTimeDesign program, click here:

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This article was written by Francis Wade, who is one of the leaders in this kind of thinking, and a mentor of mine.  He is a management consultant and writer who had to completely revamp his time management system when he moved to Jamaica.  He created the MyTimeDesign program, a 12 week online program of self-study.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.