ASTD Conference 2013 – M200 – How to Stop Failing at Behavior Change Training

ASTD 2013 Dallas Speaker Francis Wade

Welcome to the resource page for my speech at the American Society of Training and Development’s International Conference and Expo in Dallas 2013.

Post-Event Update

The conference was an awesome experience and I have shared my experience in a blog post on my website for trainers and training administrators in a post entitled: ASTD Conference 2013 – What I Presented and Learned!

During the presentation I also promised a number of specific resources which are designed for trainers, coaches, consultants and time advisers. I also offer a number of resources for Training Administrators.

11 fundamentalsResource #1 – a link to a description of all 11 time management fundamentals, from Capturing to Reviewing.

Resource #2 – an article I wrote about what it takes to put together effective time management training.

Resource #3 – an article I wrote for the ASTD blog about the need for a focus on metacognition by those who administer and deliver training.

Resource #4 – the slides I shared at the Conference in my session – M200 – How to Stop Failing at Behavior Change Training. Also, here are the slides in pdf format, if you prefer.

Resource #5 – the audio that accompanies the slides is available to anyone who joins my mailing list for time advisers at MyTimeDesign. If you are already receiving updates and missed the audio, use the contact form to get in touch with me.


Pre-Event Promo Stuff

An article I wrote for the ASTD learning and Development blog can give you a preview of the speech I’ll be giving: Learners of Time Management Need to be Taught Metacognitive Skills. The video below also provides a short introduction to my topic – How to Stop Failing at Behaviour Change Training: The Case of Time Management.

I am assembling a number of unique resources for this session, many of which will NOT make it to Dallas so if you’d like to receive updates and pre-conference materials, tune in to my Twitter feed – @fwade with hashtag #ASTD2013 – and be sure to add your name to the mailing list below this post.


At the conference, I’ll also be signing copies of my book, “Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.”

I hope to see you in my session in Dallas, at the Expo or informally!