Can Time Actually Be Managed?

If you are drawn to this question you probably have already given it some thought. You may even have some answers of your own.

In this Special Report I fill in a gap I discovered while writing my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity. As you may recognize, tackling such a widely accepted term is a big undertaking, given its widespread use by laypersons and academics alike.

However, those who have given it deeper thought appear to agree that the phrase “time management” is a misnomer, because time cannot actually be managed. In this Special Report, we examine the discrepancy.

In its pages, I take you on a journey through a number of disciplines: psychology, philosophy, physics, management, sociology, anthropology plus others. It’s an unusual trip, because there are few phrases that are so widely used, representing a field that is so poorly studied.

I will argue that the lack of definitive scholarship is no accident. When a field turns out to be terribly cross-disciplinary, scholars in traditional academia stay away. There’s no prestige (or tenure track positions) for Lone Rangers who try to spread themselves too thin.

Unfortunately, we all suffer when a field we hold as important isn’t properly studied.

My intention is to lay a foundation upon which others can build. This is just a start, an attempt to pull together the finest thinking I could find, bringing them into a discourse in order to answer a single question.

I hope you enjoy the final result when it’s finished! Sign up below for immediate download.