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Written Publications

My book on the challenge knowledge workers face in managing their time effectivelyThe book's website
My first book is a business fable about a man who learned to develop his own time management systemInformation on the book
A deep dive into the meaning of time management spanning fields including psychology, physics, philosophy, management and linguisticsDownload
An introduction to some of the surprising discoveries being explored at 2Time Labs.Download
A report for consultants, coaches, trainers and professional organizers in time managementDownload
The 6 Surprising Mistakes that GTD'ers Make. If you are a GTD'er, this report may help you avoid some common mistakes.Download
This competition-winning report provides a look at the 7 fundamental practices and the reasons why they should be perfected over time.Download
Written for project managers and team leaders, this report provides insights into the time management skills of other people with whom you must work.Download


2Time Labs - the home the research performed in time-based productivity
Book websites for Perfect Time-Based Productivity and Bil's im-Perfect Time Management Adventure
MyTimeDesign Plus+ Training
ScheduleU - The School for Scheduling Everything
NewHabits Foundations Live Training
MyTimeDesign Training for Time Advisers
Podcasts on the topic of Time-Based Productivity
YouTube isn't exactly a blog, but our channel includes hours of useful content

Social Sites

2Time Labs, Perfect Time-Based Productivity, Time Advisers Facebook pages for different areas of interest.
2Time Labs, Francis' Time-Based Productivity Feed, The Notified Self. Plus a curated list of tweeted links on Refind.Twitter feeds for different areas of interest
Pinterest PagePinterest feed for infographics and other pictures related to work at 2Time Labs
Francis' Quora AnswersWe have answered more than 100 questions related to 2Time Labs' areas of interest on Quora
Francis' comments on Reddit, and Productivity StackExchangeConversations on Reddit and StackExchange forums provide an interesting avenue among aficionados of time-based productivity.
SkedPal ForumsIf you are a SkedPal user, check out the conversations and our contributions on the SkedPal Forums
Medium Articles and Newsletter from 2Time LabsMedium provides a great avenue for long form publications from 2Time Labs
Google Plus+ page for Content Creators, plus our private mailing listIf you create content in the area of time-based productivity, join our Google Plus Page and our mailing list for regular updates on ideas you can use.
Google Plus+ page for Developers, plus a regular update on our latest ideasAs a developer of time management apps, software and devices, you may benefit from our content in this area.

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