Free Smartphone Era Webinar July 28th


I’ll be conducting a webinar  on July 28th to answer some critical questions about smartphone use:

  • how to avoid the bad habits that are overtaking the workplace
  • how to prevent the culture of smartphone abuse from taking over your life, job and family
  • how to change the practices that are undermining your workplace
  • how to nullify the executive-level habits that are driving employees crazy
  • how to take charge of your time management system for the first time

It’s a real “how-to” seminar!  LOL

If you are interested in taking this webinar, then simply visit the following link to sign up:

8pm Eastern Standard Time  Date: July 28th, 2010 (Wednesday night)

I have been using my findings over the past year to delay the purchase of a smartphone, and I’m glad that I have done so… even if I can’t check email from the beach!

These insights work — you’ll see how you can use them to alter the crazy, wasteful behaviors that smartphones are enabling in every company.

Look forward to seeing you!


P.S. Do you know that almost one third of workers (30 percent) feel that they need to stay connected to work 24/7, even during weekends, breaks or holidays?  Also, by 2011, it’s expected that more than 50%of Americans will own a smartphone… Put thosetwo facts together, and you’ll see why “real”time away from work is becoming an endangered pastime.