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The concepts of Time Management 2.0 sit at the heart of everything we do at 2Time Labs and MyTimeDesign. They weren’t developed overnight – it took several years of dedicated research in time management and other adjacent fields to see where the field of personal productivity needs to go. You can find a brief overview here but to really get into specifics, one easy way is to access our free video tutorial.
Here’s a summary of what you can find.

  • 10 videos that answer the Top FAQ’s About Time Management (3-4 minutes each.)
  • 10 videos  that answer the Should Ask Questions (SAQ’s) About Time Management (3-4 minutes each.)FAQ 1 Video Tutorial
  • 5 videos on advanced topics and the latest research in time management (5-8 minutes each.)
  • 1 video on Smartphone Abuse (50 minutes.)
  • 1 interactive video and quiz (10 minutes) on a time management skill that we are thinking should be one of our group of fundamentals.

It’s all visual learning, which means that you won’t nod off while trying to grab some new thinking. You’ll walk away being able to tell people what you actually learned, and show them that you are on the cutting edge.

Plus, it all takes place in short bursts of learning which means that the time you save in learning these new ideas can be spent actually trying to make them work.

Lastly, the unique ideas that I share are provocative – some fly right in the face of conventional wisdom -which means that you’ll be challenged to really think hard about the latest research findings and how you can use them to move to the next level.

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