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Welcome! If you have received the link to this page then you have probably responded to an invitation to join or hear more about the InnerLab here at 2Time Labs.

InnerLab from Framework Consulting


In late 2018, the InnerLab was redefined as a Patreon group. While the criteria for membership is now dramatically different, the daily activity is more or less the same. 2Time Labs is in the business of producing breakthroughs in time-based productivity for the Busiest One Percent.

To see how the work plays out today, check it out on Patroen.

Francis / January 2019

Here is the old way the InnerLab used to work.

The InnerLab is a small (<12) group of people who love time-based productivity, and want to see the best ideas that exist in the field spread to all working professionals.  To be more blunt… we’re a bunch of geeks who get excited by ideas, and the difference that good thinking makes. It’s hosted by 2Time Labs, and anyone is free to join.

The topics we discuss by email  are taken from my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity – A Unique Way to Protect your Peace of Mind as Time Demands Increase and Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.

The in-depth topics we’ll be discussing in InnerLab 6 which begins in July 2016  include the following:
Q1 – What would the perfectly Notified Self look like?

Q2 – How does it play into the Interrupted Self, the Informed Self and the Warned Self?

Q3 – What kind of app would fulfill users’ needs?

However, this isn’t a discussion for everyone, and not all who are interested in joining will be accepted due to the requirements listed below.

You should:

  • be able to carve out up to 1 hour each week to participate via group emails or the occasional Skype call.
  • contribute to the discussion, and be willing to adhere to some basic rules of engagement (e.g. no trolls, flaming, name-calling, etc.)
  • be interested in time management and in a discussion of the latest ideas in the field, and how to make a difference in the world by making them widely available.
  • **NEW** – be open to the idea of publishing some of our ideas. Here’s one format we’ll be exploring –
  •  be willing to make way for new members after 6-12 months when a new InnerLab starts.  It’s our way to keep things fresh, and to allow new people to join.  Of course, you can leave at any time, and apply to come back at the start of a new InnerLab.
  • agree to get more value out of your participation than the cost of your time, effort and attention. This must be a beneficial activity for you. If it’s not, or you don’t intend to make it so, please don’t join.
  • apply by letting me know why you want to be a member. Simply use the contact form at to answer the questions below.

InnerLab 1 was conducted in 2012 and quickly became (in my opinion) the best open conversation on time management on the Internet.  InnerLab 6 focused on the questions: Is time management possible? What’s the evidence for, and against?

This group is a very important one at 2Time Labs as it fits right into our Mission, and especially Goal 5:  To find and work with the best minds in time management, and have fun coming up with new stuff!

What this adds up to is an opportunity to be challenged by an intellectually rigorous conversation on the topics named, and a chance to be involved with some of the brightest minds in the world. We’re about making time management learning easy for people all over the world who are struggling.

Here’s are the questions to answer to apply.

  • What do you know about 2Time Labs?
  • What, in your opinion, is the piece of Time Management 2.0 that you’d like to strengthen? Or question? See
  • What have you written on the subject of time management and productivity? (Send me the link if you can. It’s not a requirement!)
  • What is your Twitter handle and Linkedin profile link? Do you have any other links that support your application?
  • Hint – one-word answers probably won’t be sufficient!

So go ahead and apply – once again, use the contact form at I’ll send you either an acceptance message, a notice about being added to our waiting list or a simple “no” which I hope you won’t take the wrong way… this is a tiny community and we generally get more applications than we can accept.


July 2016