Join Me on the New 2Time Labs Podcast

An Invitation

Hi, what is this new podcast from 2Time Labs all about and why have you been invited?

Well, in the productivity space, the old podcast format of an expert or author being interviewed by a generic host is defunct.

If you have ever appeared as a guest on an episode, you may agree that the old format is kinda stale – as a guest, you are merely expected to rehash the same talking points you have already shared in other places. It takes an effort to get excited. You get bored.

The new 2Time Labs Podcast is different.

Instead, imagine yourself as a specially invited guest at a laboratory, someone with special expertise brought in to help craft a particular product, solve a sticky problem or address a unique issue in a fresh way. The conversation you are about to have with your hosts isn’t casual or static – it’s driven by a joint commitment to bring new thinking… to produce a breakthrough of some kind. Given the commitment, you are tingling a bit inside as this isn’t an ordinary conversation.

A few minutes after you arrive, you find yourself deep inside the problem, using all that you know or have learned over the years. You and your host both realize there may be no easy solution even after some hard work, but the opportunity to jump into the Flow State (i.e. Deep Work) is captivating. It’s also rare. It keeps you both digging for a solution, combining what you know in different ways…the only way to escape everyday thinking to produce something extraordinary. The conversation in front if a white-board or over a huge piece of butcher paper is anything but linear, staid or predictable.

But like all good things, it does come to an end. As you make your way home, you wish you could have more moments just like this one. Even if nothing tangible got created, you remind yourself…sometimes, the best insights come from failing.

But here’s the BIG opportunity…what would it be like to record such a conversation for others to hear?

This is the slightly wacky idea behind the new 2Time Labs Podcast. Each episode is an edited version of a challenging, unscripted conversation conducted with an expert just like you. Our goal? To produce something new, using a structured approach intended to produce a specific breakthrough.

If you are reading this page, you may already have been invited by me to record such a discussion, and I may already have a topic in mind for us to tackle. If I didn’t mention a specific outcome, perhaps there is a product, service or idea you could propose. Using a 2Time Labs conversation, you’d like us to break the concept down and build it back up, using whatever tools of time-based productivity we can both find.

Got something in mind? There’s a key requirement.

Our intended output must pass the VideoTape Test. It’s my way of saying that the result of our work must exist in a form which can be recorded and shared with others. It might be an app, a checklist, an interactive ebook, a game, a checklist, an assessment, set of guidelines, or something else that is audible, visual or tangible.

Why this requirement? It ensures we are focusing on producing a practical end-product which people could actually use, rather than just sharing high-level ideas. This keeps things real.

Intrigued? Contact me with your idea or respond to the one I proposed and share some of your work to date with links to prior content.Then, we can have a chat to see what we can co-create. Remember, it should be related to time-based productivity in some way.

Plus, there is a limitation. I need to know something about the topic to add value. If it’s too far outside my knowledge or experience, I can’t be a good host or help bring your concept to life.

Still interested? Let me know, even if it’s just a strawman or placeholder concept for the future. We’ll talk and if we find an area of common interest, I’ll describe the next steps.