Special Report – 8 Edgy Ideas from Time Management 2.0

Hi, and welcome to the comment and question page for my special report: 8 Edgy Ideas from Time Management 2.0. If you haven’t received your copy, simply enter your information below and hit “Free Instant Access.”


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What did you think?  Were the ideas valuable?  Did they strike a cord?  Do you have any other edgy ideas that are related to time management?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

P.S.  You can hear the audio version of the special report at the following link: http://fwconsulting.podomatic.com/entry/index/2010-10-05T07_09_50-07_00

16 Replies to “Special Report – 8 Edgy Ideas from Time Management 2.0”

  1. Hello,

    I signed up to get your 8 Edgy Ideas report but was unaware and, frankly, a little irritated that I would have to sign up for a Scribd account AND pay to download! I don’t recall you mentioning that anywhere. You should let people know (unless you’re unaware yourself) what to expect.

    Fortunately, there is an alternative (audio), but I prefer to read.


  2. Hello again,

    I have an update to my last comment.

    It appears that if one uses I.E. (which I don’t), one can view the entire document. I can only view 3 pages through FireFox. Printing it or downloading it is still limited to paid members only.

    Still, it’s better than nothing!


    1. Tracy — that’s bad news to me, because I do place quite a few articles on Scribd, because I thought it was so convenient and cool! I’ll check this out — as the creator, I guess I’m allowed to download it, but I didn’t know that anyone had to pay anything. There is another location that I believe is free: http://issuu.com/firstcuts/docs/special_report_8_edgy_ideas?mode=a_p Sorry for the confusion — I’m not keen on the idea of them making cash on my stuff.

      1. Well done for recognising and reacting well. Many people use these popular sites that are easy for creators but suck for everyone else, like scribd, slideshare and surveymonkey. Usually, if one reports the problem, the reply is something like “don’t be silly, it works for me”. Thank you for being better.

        In general, nothing works as well as your own site. You already know that works for your audience.

        1. These days customer care has, as we say back home, gone the way of the dodo bird. Issues like this are what distinguish the genuine from the pretenders. Not only did he look into the issue, he personally sent me a copy.

          Much appreciated!!

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