Summary: The 8 Edgy Ideas

Edgy Idea #1 – The term “time management system” doesn’t mean what it used to!
Others say: “A time management system is simply a bunch of tips that you learn in a class”
Time Management 2.0 says: “The modern professional’s time management system consists of: top class hardware, software and internet services combined with a personalized habit pattern.”

Edgy Idea #2 – Be smart.  Figure out your own system.
Others say: “Don’t worry about why this system works, just believe it, follow it and use it”
Time Management 2.0 says: “Find out the design principles behind all useful systems so that you can craft your own”

Edgy Idea #3 – Build on what you already have.  Adopt a plan to make it better.
Others say: “You must forget what you already know and adopt everything you are now being taught”
Time Management 2.0 says: “You have already had some success with the home-grown system you use today.   Retain what works, and make a plan to work on what doesn’t, keeping growth organic”

Edgy Idea #4 – Never get stuck with what you have today — keep evolving
Others say: “Time management is something you learn once, like riding a bicycle”
Time Management 2.0 says: “If you don’t continually upgrade your skills, prepare to fall behind”

Edgy Idea #5 – Swipe time management ideas from everywhere you can find them
Others say: Don’t deviate from this system”
Time Management 2.0 says: “Experiment and try new ideas from all sources”

Edgy Idea #6 – Set your own goals and track your own progress as you improve
Others say: “Follow or use this system and you’ll double/tripe/quadruple your productivity”
Time Management 2.0 says: “There is no easy way to measure an increase in your productivity, but choose a  tangible behavioral goal”

Edgy Idea #7- Take your time and make changes according to your common-sense plan
Others say: “Here is a long list of changes you need to make NOW”
Time Management 2.0 says: “Plan out your changes over time and implement them organically”

Edgy Idea #8 – Evolving your system is a function of your habit-changing supports
Others say: “Habit change is easy!”
Time Management 2.0 says: “Habit change is hard, but it can be made easier with the right support.”|Summary Comments

At the time of writing this report, the 2Time website is the only one you’ll find that distinguishes Time Management 1.0 and 2.0.  Because of that, these concepts are a bit “edgy” simply because they aren’t widespread!

What makes Time Management 2.0 an improvement is the fact that it goes past the standard prescription to copy someone else’s formula for success.   Time management gurus claim to have found the best path, and their instruction is a simple one: “Follow me.”  What’s often not said openly is that statement’s corollary: “…Or else you’ll fail.”

Yet, many people are happy to follow 1.0 thinking because it’s easier to do so, relieving them of the ownership and responsibility inherent in 2.0.  It promises quicker, faster, easier, more painless results.

Time Management 2.0, on the other hand, is built on the following assertion:  “Today’s professionals are capable of being taught the design principles of time management so that they can assess their unique needs, understand what’s working for them today, set some realistic goals and upgrade their systems in an organic and fulfilling way.”

They don’t need to be spoon-fed.

Yet, there are some who would argue that this document is just more rules from a different guru. I recognize that this is likely to happen, but I’m willing to take the risk of being misunderstood.  I believe that the value to be gained from people using these Edgy Ideas, far exceeds the criticism that might come.  But you should be the judge!

Here are the details of each of the 8 Edgy Ideas.  It’s not essential that you agree with all of them, but I suggest that you grapple with each of them seriously (rather than superficially,) and transform the way you think about managing your time.