How to Create Great, Original Time Management Content

businessman and his son pulled his hands in the studioIs your time management content looking like a pale copy of other people’s original stuff?

If you’re like me, you have read almost all the books and blogs out there on time-based productivity. In fact, you find yourself repeating the same tired ideas that are floating around – even though you try to make them sound fresh… just think of the Urgent/Important Eisenhower Matrix as an example.

But how do you find fresh ideas and turn them into cool content on your blog, podcast, infographic or social media?

It’s not easy… but I’ll give you a ¬†shortcut here.

During the course of writing my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity I dug hard into core academic research, proving many popular notions and challenging quite a few at the same time. I read hundreds of academic papers (over 100 of them are in this Library) but it didn’t feel like work, given my background in Operations Research. Most of the time, it was fun, although it did become tedious now and then.

For many bloggers without scientific backgrounds, however, it would be a hard project to replicate. However, I know from the results and feedback of my book that the effort I put in was appreciated. (As of mid-May, I’m projecting a late June release.)

But here’s a little secret: I had to leave a lot of great ideas on cutting-room floor. They just didn’t fit into the book.

Also, I won’t be alive long enough to write a piece of content for each idea! There are too many… and time is just too damned short.

So, I decided to form a small community of bloggers, authors, writers and podcasters who can use these ideas to develop their own content – so I could focus on what I do best (create ideas) and so can you (develop content.) My goal is to give you sources of unique content.

What’s in it for me?

There’s a risk on my part – there’s no way to copyright ideas so you can use an insight I send you without attribution. Which is OK.

But I’m hoping that you’ll refer to my book or my website from time to time and help me improve my traffic and book sales, while you share high quality ideas. Also, I’m willing to highlight your content on my blog if I think it fits, and send you traffic also.

Is this an experiment? Absolutely. it might not work, and I haven’t seen anything like it before in the productivity space. However, it could be fun as I engage in one of my passions and you do the same. While we work together, we could truly enjoy the experience.

If you’re interested just add your name in below and look for an auto-response after you click “Submit”.

C’mon in – you have nothing to lose and you may have something important to gain.


P.S. Here are some of the terms I discovered (or coined) and are included in my book.

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