What is Time Management 2.0?

This isn’t your father’s (or mother’s) time management!  In fact, it starts with the understanding that time can’t be managed at all, but all we all can influence and transform are our habits, practices and apps we use to “manage time demands.”

Using Time Management 2.0 is all about following these guidelines:

refusing to play “follow the leader.” Giving up on ever trying to squeeze someone else’ one-size-fits-all-perfectly-defined-prescription-for-productivity into your messy, busy chaotic life.

recognizing that you already have your own way of managing your time. It should act as a starting point for any changes you make and cannot be ignored.

knowing that you are unique and will always be that way — so you’re going to need a tailored system that suits your lifestyle, culture, idiosyncrasies and comfort with technology.

giving yourself a perpetual upgrade path, appreciating that today’s cool methods quickly become tomorrow’s stale rituals.

being realistic.  Once the decision is made to make some changes, new habits are adopted slowly by even the best-intentioned.  The best way to implement even a major upgrade is one habit at a time and a feasible plan takes our full human nature into account.

For more on Time Management 2.0 and why it’s suited for a smartphone-driven, Internet-connected, technology-accelerated age, here are some resources that might help.

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The truth is, all the posts on the blog are related to 2.0 in some way, even those that pre-date the use of the term.  If you’re interested in being part of the community discussing these ideas, then join us on LinkedIn.  We also have a page on Facebook, and a mailing list that you join by signing up for the Special Report (visiting the page with the report doesn’t add you to the list.)

While these ideas aren’t taking the world by storm yet, it’s only a matter of time before they become commonplace.  Join me in bringing a new kind of thinking to an already-stressed-out world.


P.S. To get started today by understanding one of the practices that make up EVERY individual time management system, take this free multi-media evaluation on the skill of Capturing.