Ep 31.5 – Season Two Opener: Why Focus on Self-Diagnosis?

You are a productivity enthusiast who has been around task management for a while. Over the years, you have made lots of useful improvements and can say that you have made tangible progress.

However, it’s been some time since you felt that *before* and *after* feeling… where you had a productivity problem, found a solution, implemented it and saw positive outcomes. 

Getting that feeling of making progress is much more difficult. You just can’t find the improvements you want by following anyone’s one-size-fits-all approach.

Somehow, you must find your own way.  If this is your first time listening to this podcast, you may not know that there are many others just like you. 

But they don’t just listen to this podcast to hear from experts. They attend my conference on Task Management & Time Blocking, read my book, join the Mighty taskers community and enjoy the training I offer.

And they find other thought leaders in the vast world beyond one-size-fits-all solutions which help them continue their improvement journey.

Not that this is the easy path to follow. It definitely is not. But it’s the one that bears the greatest fruit in the long run.

It requires fresh skills in self-diagnosis in your task management and time blocking.

If this engages you in any way, welcome to Season 2 of the Task Management & Time Blocking Podcast.

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Show Notes Ep 31.5

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Rapid Assessment Program – https://mytimedesign-1-plus.thinkific.com/courses/mytimedesign-assessment

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