Steve Ballmer – an Orange Belt in Scheduling?

In an earlier post on the apparent skills of Richard Branson at Capturing, what I didn’t think of doing is estimating the belt level at which he is performing this particular Fundamental.

In retrospect, it seems as if he’s operating as an Orange Belt.

Today, I was checking the recent tweets on time management, and heard this fascinating clip from Steve Ballmer, which makes me think that he’s also operating at an Orange Belt level, but he’s doing it in Scheduling.

I’d love to hear your opinion — what do you think?

Notice that he’s not using Outlook to build his time budget. In the recent series of posts I wrote criticizing Outlook, I should also have included that it’s a poor tool for time demand budgeting.

I happen to use my schedule in Outlook for that purpose, even though it’s not built for that purpose.  Clearly, he agrees.