Podcast of the Manifesto

podcast.jpgRecently, I published a recording via podcast of my manifesto on ChangeThis.com — ‘The New Time Management.”

It came out in 2 broadcasts, serialized in my monthly ezine: FirstCuts. It was given a different name, but the words are almost exactly the same.

Here are links to both podcasts, which can be downloaded to an mp3 player or iPod, and also streamed to your computer for immediate listening.

Part 1: The Untaught Fundamentals of Time Management

Part 2: The Untaught Fundamentals of Time Management

Manifesto Released!



The manifesto I was asked to write for ChangeThis.com was published yesterday.

To receive a copy of this 12 page pdf, click here or visit the following URL at the ChangeThis.com website: http://changethis.com/45.04.NewTime

As I mentioned in a prior post, the website is a place for new ideas that are selected by readers via an open vote. Based on the results of the October vote, this was the most requested manifesto.

Enjoy, and I look forward to your comments.

It’s a very handy introduction to some of the ideas on the 2Time Mgt blog, and a good one to share with friends or to read for someone who is new to these ideas.