Article: Are You a Multitasking Guru?

Michael, the author of Black Belt Productivity, make a compelling case to read the new book by Dave Crenshaw entitled “The Myth of Multi-Tasking.”

He interviews the author, who shares the gist of the ideas contained in the book.  Essentially, he argues that multi-tasking is something that humans are incapable of doing well, and in our age of cell-phones and Blackberry’s, it’s something we should strive not to do.  Instead, we should create environments that help us to focus as much of our attention on what we are doing in the moment.

At first blush, it appears to confirm my own observations in this area, so I am open to reading the book, but I’ll look at some more of the reviews before deciding to invest the time.  2Time is built on this very same notion of creating an uninterrupted flow of activity.

 Here is the  link to the article.