Putting it All Together

Once a professional has committed to a lifelong process of mastering the way they manage their time, the 2Time system can become their very best guide.


Starting with each of the elements, a user can decide what level they find themselves at. Going through each of the eleven components, they can assemble a composite description of their current level of mastery. Our advice here is to be conservative, and to resist the temptation to overrate.

Here is a sample Self-Evaluation for a fictitious user who has gained some understanding of the different elements that make up the 2Time system. Once they are satisfied that they have a realistic view of their current capabilities, a user can design a migration path for themselves in each of the components as follows:


In this very simple personal development plan, the user has laid out a clear migration path for themselves. Some of it may involve the use of technology, or the aid of an electronic gadget, but the point here is that they are deliberately managing their own development as a professional.