So little research

Why is there so very little research in personal productivity?

In designing the 2Time Management system, I have found that there is a severe lack of scholarship with respect to time management.

I can only think that this is because there is not a single, united field that clearly applies to the problem of managing time. What school or college should a graduate student apply to in order to pursue studies in this field?

  • The school of engineering? Clearly, there is an industrial or systems engineering aspect to the field.
  • The school of management? The word “management” appears to point in that direction
  • The school of psychology? Effectively managing one’s mind has a great deal to do with the practical problem of managing one’s habits

My mind is divided, and apparently so are the various faculties that exist in universities across the world. The field is obviously an inter-disciplinary one, and the lack of progress relative to other fields is quite shocking, given that Steven Covey’s first book is still quoted as the state of the art and it was written over 10 years ago.