Time Management isn’t Time Management

The truth is that time management is nothing of the sort.

Time can’t be managed, in the strictest terms, because a user has no control of this very valuable resource. It has a life of its own, and cannot be affected in the least by anything the user does, unlike other valuable resources such as money, precious metals or people.

What a 2Time user is managing is actually action. “Action management” is what is actually at the heart of the 2Time system.

A user is actually carefully looking at the time demands that they decide to complete, and using time in order to get them fulfilled through carefully thought out actions. They use the techniques of 2Time as a method for managing these time demands.

  • Time that they might have in the future is a resource that they can use in their planning activities to accomplish future goals.
  • Time that they have right now, is time they can also use to accomplish goals.
  • Time that has past is useless for future goals.

2Time users are able to mentally manipulate and coordinate the first two resources in order to plan and manage the Actions they wish to take.