On Being a Black Belt pt 3

I just read a great definition of what being a Black Belt is all about. I am paraphrasing what was written on the website Easy Time Tracking.

A Green Belt spends a great deal of their time working on being more productive, and more efficient.

A Black Belt’s goal, however, is to live better and to savor one’s time, and to live a better life. In other words, their focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Black Belts are simply able to live more of the life they want to live than anyone else, all other things being equal.

That is, they are able to focus more on fulfillment than on productivity, ensuring that each moment of each day is not only spent in the flow state, but also that is being used to fulfill life goals, spiritual goals, family goals – indeed, goals of all kinds and flavours. Not only do they focus on goals, but they also are able to fulfill what they see as their mission, their vision, their calling.

Their concern for being productive has faded into the background, and operates on “cruise control”. Instead, they wield time management like a tool they use to get a LOT of things done.

To the outsider, their life appears exhausting, but they rarely experience that emotion. Instead, they are purposeful and focused more often than not, and find abundant energy to complete their commitments. There is a close balance and acceptance, in other words, between what they can do and what they want to do at all levels of their life. They are extremely aware of what they can handle, and say “No” frequently.