A New Version of Outlook

One of the major challenges for a 2Time user at any belt level is to find a system that fits the way in which they process their information.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook, the industry leader in this sphere, does not seem to have been designed by a time management user, and instead seems to have been put together by programmers who made their decisions on what to add based on how long it would take to add a new feature.

The problem with taking this approach is that Outlook has lots of features, but no overall “philosophy”. It is bloated with every choice under the sun that a user has no need for, but the simple things that are needed, like a display of goals, are missing. This is why a simple programme like Joe’s Goals can attract so much interest.

If I had my way, I would help Microsoft to design Outlook around different levels of users, and give the user the option of which level to operate at. For example, at a white belt level they would have no real need for scheduling anything other than appointments, so I would offer a very simple interface to do so (a la Google Calendar).

In this way, the user could design the Outlook environment to meet their needs, and Outlook could actually assist them in designing the right kinds of menus, interface etc. depending on their belt level.

I imagine that this would only help the user, and give them much better mileage from Outlook than they currently get.