Who is studying time management?

I have been looking but can’t find anyone in academia who is studying time management. I have a theory as to why that is, in two parts.

Firstly, I think that time management, as a personal practice, does not neatly fit into any single discipline. Is it Industrial Engineering? Operations Research? Management Science? Psychology? Sociology? Business?

Because it does belong to any single area of study, it therefore belongs to none.

Secondly, academics are poor at studying themselves. The fact is, every single academic (and indeed, every single professional) uses some kind of time management system.

To study time management is to turn the spotlight on every single academic, and on their practices and habits, including those of the students, the professors and that staff. It would get quite uncomfortable for all concerned to find out, for example, that all the professors were operating as white belts.

I could be wrong here, and I hope I am, a little. For all I know, there could be many schools offering graduate degrees in this areas.

If so, do let me know.