2Time and Technology

One of the messages of 2Time is a difficult one – that users who are not technologically savvy are choosing to limit their productivity.

It might not be obvious as to why this is the case, but one of the major reasons has to do with portability. A user who is unable to travel with their schedule from place to place simply is not as effective as one who is not stuck with a desk-based or paper-based system.

They will end up wasting their own time, and that of others, as they take time to consult their schedules, wherever they may be, simply because they are unable to master a PDA or similar device.

This is not to say that everyone should purchase a PDA, any more than everyone should be a Green Belt. Instead, each person should pick a level that they are comfortable with and operate at it, and use the physical tools that they feel comfortable using. They do need to accept, however, that their unwillingness to learn how to use a Palm will cost them some degree of productivity, and that their inability to learn how to use Outlook will prevent them from being as productive as they could be.

The user must decide if the investment in changing habits is worth the time, effort and cost or not.