Advanced Scheduling Skills

appt-calendar.jpgI have been experimenting with a new skill that I think that I will include as a new habit. It only makes sense, however, for 2Time users at or above the Orange Belt level – those who have begun to use their schedule to manage their time demands.

It comes from the observation that we all need to recuperate from intense efforts, much in the same way that runners must recover from long runs or intense sprints.

Therefore, as the logic goes, the working day can be set up as a set of intervals alternating between intense effort and recovery activity.

While this particular tip may not apply to everyone, the principle is sound: schedule the day in a way that maximizes one’s energy. To do so, pay particular attention to how one’s energy, attention and ability to focus ebb and flow throughout the day (or month), and how much recovery is needed at different points of the day, week or month.

Of course, there are many other ways to use the schedule and to group activities, some of which are covered an this earlier post.