Another 2Time Analogy

orchestra-heftone_banjo_orchestra_11pc_rest_288x400.jpgI recently got an email from someone who read my blog and came away with the idea that he SHOULD be moving towards become a Black Belt. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Being a Black Belt certainly is an option for those who want it, but it is no better or worse than any other belt. It just depends on what one wants to use it for.

In this sense, the 2Time philosophy is that a time management system is like an orchestra, made up of 11 possible instruments (if there is such a thing). At any given time, anywhere from zero to 11 positions can be filled, and each has its own kind of music.

A conductor has a choice as to who to place in the band at any time, depending on the kind of music he wants to create. There are some reggae bands that have more than 11 performers, for example, and the blend needs to be just right to suit the audience, the mood and the environment.

Also, an orchestra of expert musicians is not the same as a high school band, nor should it be. Sometimes, it might be appropriate to take away instruments, or leave them out. Great music can even come from a single instrument.

A 2Time user may decide, therefore to operate at a Green Belt level at the peak of their career as the Vice President of IT, and revert to a White Belt level once they retire at age 65.

The point is not to force oneself to achieve the highest belt level, although some will think that it IS the point (especially some type A personalities). Instead, 2Time users substitute awareness and choice for force, and achieve a level of calm and peace as a result.