2Time for People in Transition

age_8.jpgI just finished leading the pilot course based on the 2Time principles. The two day session conducted here in Kingston, Jamaica seemed to go well, and I learned a lot from the participants and how they worked with these ideas.

One lesson that came home clearly is that professionals look for a new time management system when they are in transition.

For example, when a college student gets their first job, or an employee is promoted or receives a new area of responsibility or gets married or has a baby, life changes. All of a sudden, the volume of time demands that they are committed to completing increases, and overwhelms the system they had before. Some obvious failures in execution lead them to realize that their system is not sufficient, and they go hunting for a new methods, tips and techniques.

However, many make the mistake in thinking that the problem is not in them, but in life around them.

They blame the new baby, the boss, their course-load or the increased traffic for their lack of productivity, and assume that they must either do some radical elimination, or suffer the consequences of failing to get everything completed. They don’t see that it is their system that needs attention.

In fact, at the lowest belt levels, a professional does not even realize that they have a system that can be systematically managed, and improved. They get profoundly stuck in their habits, and are lucky if they are able to change them on their own, and become more productive.