Post-Pilot Analysis (1) – Overcoming My Worst Fears

bow.jpgThe first pilot program using the ideas in the 2Time Mgt Blog was completed last week with a hardy, challenging group of 13 professionals.

It was a great learning experience all around, and I learned a lot from exposing people to the ideas from this blog for the very first time. My wife has been the one who has born the brunt of the ideas I have come up with, and I have pretty much worn her out with all my ideas on this topic.

The biggest fears I had were not realized:

  1. Two days seemed to be enough to get the ideas across.
  2. The participants liked the blend of lecture, questions and practical hands-on work.
  3. The idea of developing your own system made logical sense (Thank God!). While everyone had been using a system of some kind that they had put together over the years, the effect seemed to be similar to someone who teaches themselves to play the guitar without even a book at hand. Lots of noise, and maybe a little tune here and there, but no real music.
  4. The course was much, much better than other workshops I have lead on the topic, and more accessible than the content in the books I have read. The idea of learning the fundamentals seemed to be important, and seeing how someone could operate at higher and higher levels of productivity resonated.
  5. The idea of belts seemed to work. It wasn’t hokey, or corny, and by the end of the class I could see the difference between the levels more clearly than ever before. This was a case of a LOT of hard work finally paying off.
  6. I was glad to have developed my ideas in this blog. I would never have gotten this far trying to write on my own. Thanks to you, my readers.
  7. No-one laughed me out of the room, or fell asleep for too long. Whew!

These are some of the “negative” outcomes that never happened. The overwhelming feeling is one of relief. When I get over myself, I’ll share some of the positive things I learned, many of which were unexpected.

Thanks to the “Pilot 13” who were brave enough to subject themselves to my new ideas.

I’ll admit that I can’t believe that I am the only one who is thinking this way… Is there someone using the 11 components in 2Time to write a new book called “1Time”? Who knows?