A Powerful Coaching Tool

star-wars-luke-and-yoda-caption-generatorphp.jpg One of the side-benefits that I am realizing from the 2Time system is its value as a coaching tool.

In much the same way that a master coach like Yoda or Rafiki could look at their proteges and very quickly discern what they were doing wrong, a coach who understands the 11 practices of 2Time can help someone else they are coaching quite easily.

All they need to do is to look at the trainee’s practices to see which level they are at, and what needs to happen in their system of habits to move to the next level. They may offer tips, and new tools, but the strength of their coaching would be in seeing which new habit must be learned.

With a knowledge of the different ways to help people to change their habits, they can quickly help co-create a new course of action.

This can help a manager to become tremendously efficient in boosting the productivity of their unit, and help them to focus on the important basics, rather than the trivial fluff that floats by everyday that promises to improve productivity.