Why MultiTasking Isn’t Working

This is a great article on Tim Ferriss’ blog written by Josh Waitzkin.

Ever since I read the book Flow by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, I have been a believer in the power of focusing on a single task at a time.

At the same time,  the manufacturer’s are churning out more and more reasons to be distracted during every waking hour, and are busy adding on entertaining distractions to what used to be productivity devices.

The author describes  his visit to the classroom of a favorite professor, and what he found — students hardly paying attention but instead doing everything but listening to the lecture.

It’s a provocative read.

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  1. Wow Francis you have the art of blogging down pat! lol

    I am a little guilty of what that guy observed in the classrooms…but the simple fact is sitting in a classroom listening to somebody go on and on and ask common sense questions based on a powerpoint presentation that is easily available on the textbook’s companion website…is very superfluous for people like me that learn well reading the thing, visualizing it in my head, and being able to let my mind wander when i need a break then tune back in on the important things.

    Case in point i have a database management class where I accidentally ordered the wrong textbook from amazon and didn’t realize it til the weekend before the test…read through the powerpoint slides available on the book’s website (which I found through google), read the definitions in the glossary (also on the website) that applied to the chapters on the test…and aced the test, while some who HAD the book got Bs, Cs, and worse.

    When you are online you can read, take a minute to chit chat with friends, and get back to reading. I think the whole world is going to get ADD with all these many things you can do at a time on one screen, but at the same time, companies are forcing people to be employees for longer and longer hours and doing more and more responsibilities for the same pay each day, so while people shouldn’t be using work time for internet and such, people are human, their minds need a rest throughout the day.

    Online school will solve the issue for me because I personally like being left alone to speed past what i get and spend more time on what I DON’T get in class…and email the teacher with specifics, or call them if it’s time-sensitive.

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