MyTimeDesign Online Program to be Launched Soon

Over the past few months I have been running a free trial for friends of mine to test my 12-week program — MyTimeDesign.

The results have been  good, according to my group of “testers.” With the help of the 2-day programs I have been running in Kingston and Port of Spain, I have developed and refined some ways to help users in crafting  their own time management systems.

I plan to  launch the program in mid-September as a limited launch at a modest price.   Stay tuned for further developments in this regard.

P.S.  The best way to be notified of the exact date of opening is to sign up for my free e-book at top left – “An Introduction to the 2Time Management System.”

2 Replies to “MyTimeDesign Online Program to be Launched Soon”

  1. Hi Francis,

    This is great news! I just saw your testimonial interview with Yaro Starak for Blog Mastermind. I like how you’ve set up your product launch, and it should go over very well. Good luck with it!

  2. Thanks Andre.

    Can you give me the link or an idea of where I can find that video? I have not actually seen it (maybe that’s a good thing!)


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