New Employees and Their Time Management Systems

istock_000000214466xsmall.jpgIn my wildest imaginings I can picture a new employee who, in their orientation, is taught that they must develop their own time management system if they hope to get ahead in the company.

They could learn in just a few minutes that:
1.  the time management system they have been using up until now  has successfully gotten them to this place

2.  at some point in their career they will find that the practices that they are using are insufficient

3.  at that point, they will have to reinvent their system, and they should not be shy about using whatever resources they can find for assistance

4.  this evolution will not happen by accident, and they need to be proactive, and always be assessing how well their system matches their needs

This would help the employee to join in the forefront of the revolution that’s afoot — the personal design and implementation of custom time management systems.  While the practice will be old hat at some point,  the idea is a new one for employees as there is no point in their careers at which they would have been taught the fundamentals of time management.

It could be one of those career-changing discoveries that might not produce a behavior change in the moment, but could make a big difference in years to come.