A Small, New Habit

istock_000001077068small.jpgI made a small change in one of my habits that I don’t recommend.

It’s not that it’s a bad change — far from it — it’s NOT the case that I, all of a sudden, decided to do without my favorite capture point.

The story is a simple one.  I started a project that has a tremendous number of time demands.

At the start of each day, I realized that I was starting in too much of a hurry, and needed to spend some more time Emptying, before doing things like checking voicemail and email.

I implemented the following practice:

Step 1 – check to see which items are incomplete from the prior day.  Put the in a reliable place.

Step 2 –  look at today’s schedule and configure it to my liking

Step 3 – empty my paper pad that serves as my primary capture  point

Step 4 – download email and  listen to voicemail, while moving as many items as possible away from these areas intended for temporary storage

Step 5 – schedule any new items into my calendar

As I said before, I don’t recommend these steps to anyone.  I also don’t say that they are useful.

I AM saying that  the process of adjusting one’s habits to the circumstances at hand is a critical one that no professional who is serious can ignore.  It lies at the heart of the Time Management 2.0 approach.