30 Days of MyTimeDesign for $1.00

The signs of the recession are everywhere, and there are many people who are without jobs and are looking for ways to cope.  After some thought, I think I have found a way to make it easier for anyone who comes to this blog to get their hands on great value, for only $1.00.

Starting next week, I am going to offer the first 30 days of MyTimeDesign to the public for only a buck.

What will a participant who registers receive?

I have found that the majority of people who take either my 12-week online program – MyTimeDesign  – or my 2 day  live program – NewHabits-NewGoals – get the most value from the first few topics that are covered.

While this isn’t true for all who have taken the course by any means, the first few concepts and practices that are learned are enough to change anyone’s time management system for a lifetime. During the first thirty days, participants come to grips with the fact that they have already designed and are using some kind of system, usually ad hoc, and are now entering the realm of consciously carving out a system they want.

They also cover practices such as Capturing, Tossing and Storing, which are some of the conerstones of all time management systems, and they fine-tune their own system to their own precise needs.

While MyTimeDesign is a 12 week program, the first 30 days are perhaps the most important to most users.

And, there are some who will not stop after 30 days, and will instead choose to complete the entire program.  The truth is, it depends on their particular needs.

So, stay tuned — for those who have been waiting for the right time to do MyTimeDesign, this just might be it!