Another Custom-Built Time Management System

Here is a link to a post in which a user describes a time management system that she created for herself: My “GTD®” Hacks

While I don’t know enough about her system to say much about it, she makes the point very clearly that this works for her at the present moment, and gives her the degree of peace of mind and productivity that she wants.

While her needs are likely to change in the future, and her paper-based system may prove to be too bulky,)  the point is that it fits the purpose she’s trying to accomplish now.

One innovation that she uses is a 24 hour calendar, and apparently she’s doing some pre-planning for each upcoming day based on her mid-term goals.

She’s done some good thinking to come up with a great example of Time Management 2.0.


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  1. Francis,

    Thanks for sharing my system with your readers. I’m glad you found it useful enough to include here. It’s something I’ve been using consistently for a couple of years, actually, and it’s still working very well for me.

    Feel free to try it! 😉



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