Your Invitation to the Discussion Group

istock_000006428830xsmall.jpgFor the next two weeks, I’m opening up registration to my first discussion group here at the 2Time blog.

This online group will discuss some of the latest-breaking ideas in the area of time management that I hope to incorporate in the next version of MyTimeDesign, which should start early in the new year.

If this sounds like a plea for some help, then you’re on the right track … in part.

I am looking for some useful input on better teaching users new time management skills online.  I think that I should make that clear.

But I’m also seeking to create a temporary community in which we can talk about Time Management 2.0 and the idea of creating your own time management system. While I do have a forum here on the blog, I find that it scares off many users who aren’t used to interacting with people in this unfamiliar environment.

I’ve had more luck creating email groups in the past, so I thought that I’d set up this experimental discussion group to kinda see what happens.

The group will start today and end on November 30, 2009.

The discussion group will be moderated, and I’ll make sure that no spam makes its way through.

So — consider yourself invited!

You can join at