An Insight from Doing 20 Videos


I am just putting the finishing touches on 20 videos that I put together to answer many of the questions that I get on time management here on the blog, or in my live programs.

I realized that when someone takes a time management program, they might already be working on implementing some new habits.

These habits might have come from a prior program, a book, a website or just their own discovery but it’s probably a mistake for anyone trying to teach them a new system to convince them to “fuhgetaboudit” (forget about it.)

The first big mistake is to assume that the system they are currently using doesn’t exist.  This is one that I have mentioned more than a few times on this blog.

The second mistake is to think that they have not already been engaged in upgrading their current system.  The chances are that if they are smart, they are not thinking about time management for the first time in their lives, and already have some habits that are half-formed.

The key is to figure out which ones are being learned, and to determine whether or not they should be turned into full fledged habits as part of a Master Habit Plan.

What’s a Master Habit Plan?

Well, I just made the term up a few minutes ago, but it’s something that I have been writing about here on the blog.  It’s simply a list of the habits that are:

  • being implemented
  • under consideration for the future
  • planned for future implementation with set practice dates

As these habits are put in place, they steadily upgrade a time management system in a way that makes sense and increases the chances for success.