Fixing the Weekly Review Video

Many people have a major challenge in dealing with their weekly reviews – that portion of time that many set aside to review the time demands in their time management systems.

These reviews simply aren’t getting done to our satisfaction.  They are often set aside as a dull chore because they end up taking much too long.

In response to some of the struggles being experienced, I put together a 28 minute video that takes a deep dive into the problem.  It’s creating quite a stir, because I argue that an over-reliance on lists of various kinds is actually the cause of the issue.  (Essentially I share some of what I learned when I had to confront the same problem.)

This sounds simple enough, except that there are a LOT of people who love lists, and there are many time management systems that are built around lists of different kinds.

I have never heard anyone say the things I say in this video, hence some of the stir that it’s caused.  A few sacred cows are being threatened (and you’ll see that my ideas run against “sacred” ideas of some!)

This is no small set of superficial ideas that you have heard before.  In fact,  I probably should have saved this content for a pdf report.  It’s pretty meaty, and those of you who really like thinking deeply about time management will see where I had to make some statements that I simply didn’t have the time to prove in depth… you’ll what I mean.

Check it out… and let me know what you think.  Click here to be taken to this free video — no registration is required.

P.S.  It’s a 28 min video, so I just had a transcript made for those who prefer to read new ideas rather than listen.