Coaching Using the 2Time Principles

istock_000001500277xsmall.jpgIt recently struck me that someone who coaches for a living should be able to use the 2Time thinking to become a better coach in time management.

The principles of good coaching are simple, as I learned them from Thomas Leonard, founder of CoachU:

  • set believable high-level targets with the client
  • gain an understanding of the current state
  • set detailed goals and refine targets
  • implement actions
  • measure the impact
  • refine and repeat until the goal is accomplished

Unwittingly, I used this same structure in setting up 2Time which makes it quite different from the other approaches that exist.

I haven’t found another approach to time management that starts with an individual’s current habit patterns, acknowledges that some of it is indeed working, and helps them to focus on the parts that need improvement.

For a coach that wants to help a client, this makes things a LOT easier, as the other approaches that I have discovered only try to  get individuals to implement a canned set of new habits.  They are on their own in figuring out exactly how to make the transition.

A coach who uses the 2Time/MyTimeDesign templates is a better diagnostician,  and can help their clients to save time and energy as they work on becoming more productive.