A New Resource: Videos

istock_000000185287small.jpgAs you may have noticed, I recently added a new tab to the row at the top entitled:  Videos.

The fact is, I have over 200 minutes of video content that was locked away in my archives and recently decided to pull them out and bring them together for the first time.  They make for interesting listening, I think — most are short, while others are much longer (up to 30 minutes.)

The one caveat is that they were developed at different times, so a few of them require a sign-up to a mailing list.  This is still important because in many cases a transcript of the information is sent as a follow-up, and in other cases there are important links to all the videos in the series that are included in additional emails.

This makes the retrieval process a bit tedious, but I don’t have another way yet to deliver lots of links, transcripts etc. to those who are interested in only a single video.  So, until I come up with a way to send all the information at once to only those who want it, this is the best method I can think of.

P.S.  I’m about to make MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free available to the public again, so make sure that you have signed up for at least one of my lists.  If you haven’t, then grab the ebook at the top left of the home page and you’ll be automatically added.