Sign Up! Save 5 Hours Per Week!

This post is a bit of a rant…

I just came across a Time Management and Productivity program that guarantees that the attendees on 4 teleclasses will save 5 hours per week of lost time.  It’s a money-back guarantee that has to be exercised half-way through the course for a full refund.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the refund after the program is over, so you aren’t really testing the quality of the ideas — just how you feel about accomplishing the goal at the half-way mark.

It ticked me off — mostly because there’s no way that we know of to measure, verify or prove to oneself that 1, 5 or 10 hours have been saved by using any new habits, technology or software.

Also, I hate like the fact that you don’t have a chance to do the full program before deciding whether or not you have saved 5 hours.  That kind of saving equates to some major habit changes for most people, and these don’t happen overnight.

I happen to be reading a great book: “Talent Is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin.  Among the great points he makes is the fact that the average person makes the most progress when they are learning to do something for the first time… like learning to drive a car.

Over  time, however, their rate of learning declines and flattens out as they stop getting any better.  In fact, after a while, their skills often deteriorate.

What world class performers do in every discipline is that they keep on learning, by engaging in rigorous, structured practice in their areas of greatest weakness… and they are willing to keep practicing even as the gains to be made occur painfully slowly.

Maybe the program that I bumped into is only for those who are just starting out in their careers, or whose time management systems are so broken that a 5 hour gain is possible?

That seems to be stretching things a bit, but I hope that those who sign up for MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free before it closes today find that in this programe:

  • there are no false promises
  • we have made it easy to rank yourself in terms of your skills
  • it’s even easier to identify upgrades regardless of your current level of expertise

This makes the program a unique one… and here is the link to the program information page if you’d like to find out more, but remember… new registration in this free training closes down today until May in a few hours.